Vision, Mission & Team

International migration is increasing. These communities - 272M migrants worldwide - don’t have their own platforms to connect with people from the same cultural background.

We are empowering fragmented communities by providing the integrated ‘Diaspora Intelligence’-platform.

Founders & Team

Valon Asani
President of the Board, Founder & CEO

15 years in the IT, Software & Digital Marketing industry

Larklind Cerkezi
Board, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

15 years in the IT, Software & Digital Marketing industry

“Our goal is to build a unique community ecosystem platform for global communities, which allows dedicated networking, matchmaking and communication between community members. We’re here to connect people who want to be connected with each other – by combining experience, technology and build easy-to-use software.”

Our Solution: The Diaspora Intelligence Platform

dua is an integrated messaging and matchmaking platform that allows users to easily find new people, stay connected and do transactions.


Edon Luta
Chief Marketing Officer

Fidan Bacaj
Lead Android Developer

Lend Kazazi
Lead iOS Developer

Admir Kadriu
Chief Technology Officer

Erblin Ribari
Chief Finance Officer

Yllka Abdullahu
Business Development Officer

Aida Halitaj
Data Scientist

Christen Oesterbye
Fintech Advisor

Drenusha Shala
Drenusha Shala

Fioret Pruthi

Uranik Begu
Startup Advisor

Sacha Ghiglione

Market, Positioning & Strategy

  • 1

    Global communities are missing individual platforms

  • 2

    272 M international migrants are part of global communities (diaspora & home population)

  • 3

    Online dating / matchmaking market is growing by 11.6% (CAGR) - a global phenomenon

  • 4

    Leading to a strong demand for individual community solutions

  • 5

    B2B: market gap for a high-end mobile platform solution

  • 6

    A vast B2B2C market with few competitors and a huge technological barrier

App Insights

◼️ App Installs: 348’322
◼️ Completed Profiles: 151’042
◼️ App Events: 305+ Million
◼️ Messages sent: 122’509 / daily (Jan.)
◼️ Total Matches: 1’000’000+

✔️ +11.5% Growth in Users (completed profiles)!
✔️ +23% Growth in User Activity!

In-App Ad Impressions: 

  • Nov. 2020: 1,071,751
  • Dec. 2020: 2,371,751 (+121%)
  • Jan. 2021: 3,600,000 (+47%)
  • Total Ad Impressions: 8’569’197
  • Total Clicks on Ads: 51’258
App-based Matchmaking:

400M People

+7.5% CAGR

Paying Users


Unique Users



+11.6% CAGR



Average Revenue per User

Investor Relations

Seed Round (Q4/2019)

Raised 600’000 € at a 6’000’000 € Valuation

Seed Round Extented (Q4/2020)

Raised 190’000 € at a 7’000’000 € Valuation

Pre-Series A (Q1/2021)

Raised 140’000 € at a 10’000’000 € Valuation

Our investors say:

With investors from Switzerland, Denmark & Kosovo and backgrounds in finance, IT & IT-security or gaming, we work closely on strategic decisions and next steps.

Existing Shareholders:

Seed Round(s):
12.5% of dua AG
Pre-Series A:
Last confirmed Valuation:
30’000’000 €

Series A Round

30.0M €
Shares to be sold:
10% of the dua AG
Share Value:
3.0M €

Investment for:

Product, Technology
Working Capital (Team / HR)
Growth, Marketing, User Acq.
Business Development

Board of directors

Valon Asani

Larklind Cerkezi

Christen Madsen-Oesterbye

dua AG

Leutschenbachstrasse 95
8050 Zürich


Legal form
Company limited by shares (AG)




Commercial register number


Valon Asani
Founder & CEO